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Dedicated Internet Access

BRACNet provides enterprise organizations with a high-speed dedicated Internet access via a Cisco Powered backbone engineered for mission critical data delivery. From fiber optic to xDSL and WiMAX grade wireless broadband, BRACNet has the perfect connectivity solution for your business.

BRACNet Managed Dedicated Internet Access is a dedicated connection to the Internet that offers you the advantage of an "always-on" connection in your office.With our Dedicated Internet Access service, you get high-speed always-on Internet connectivity backed by rock-solid redundant networks.


Our Network

BRACNet is building its network by deploying WiMAX, state-of-the-art wireless broadband technology. Our last-mile (access) network is based on WiMAX; however the backbone is based on a fiber-optic network. Our network is connected with the submarine cable (SEA-ME-WE4) and VSAT for 24/7 redundancy. By using our licensed 3.5 GHz radio frequency, we insure interference free and uninterrupted service through our access networks. We currently have robust coverage in Dhaka city within January 2007, we will be in Chittagong and Sylhet and by 2008 cover the entire Bangladesh.

The company's customers include enterprises, financial institutions, real estate companies, law firms, medical facilities, software developers, Web-based businesses, ISPs and ASPs, universities, schools, and government/non-government agencies.



WiMAX Powered Network
- WiMAX Powered network infrastructure that optimizes performance and reliability

- scalable speed offerings from 64Kbps to 155Mbps to fit your business needs

- perfect for hosting web sites and LAN connectivity

Outstanding performance
- Cisco powered backbone supports multiple Internet users with proper QOS

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  Data Connectivity (WAN / Intranet / VPN)  

BRACNet’s VPN is a region wide state-of-the-art service that delivers the security and performance levels of a private IP network from a shared public infrastructure. More specifically, it provides connectivity between sites across BRACNet’s network backbone in a secure manner with the same policies as a private network.

In the modern business environment, companies are increasingly under pressure to support a wide variety of voice and data communication channels between cities or locations. Employees also need to access and share information as they travel or work from remote locations or branch offices around the world. Existing WAN technologies, such as International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) or a pure Internet access, are either too expensive or limited in their flexibility to meet changing business requirements (for example, a leased line connecting two small offices is expensive to maintain). It is out of such inadequacy that IP VPN technology has emerged as the solution.

Pure Internet access involves sole reliance on non-customized basic telecommunication services purchased locally from various suppliers. However, the Internet is not a controllable and predictable environment. Consequently, as soon as data packets get into the Internet, rather than a single controlled IP network, they are subject to unpredictable quality issues like packet drops, delays and jitters.

Below is a comparison of the principal features of VPN Solution and pure Internet access:

Internet Access






One Stop Shop Billing



Local Support



Fixed Line Installation Process

Fast, dedicated staff for provisioning


Single Point of Contact




Bandwidth Guarantee



Dedicated Bandwidth between Sites



Burstable Bandwidth for unexpected traffic needs




High, only one physical connection is needed for every additional site

High, only one physical connection is needed for every additional site

Security (without encryption firewalls)

High, inter-branch traffic are completely hidden from 3rd parties including outsiders and other BRACNet customers

Extremely low

Voice Traffic Prioritization



Internet Access



Network Redundancy

Yes, traffic can be easily re-routed

Yes, traffic can be re-routed but not easily

Circuit backup Solution

Plenty of Choices including BRACNet’s Dialup, xDSL and multi-homing

Limited, usually ISP routes different address blocks to different circuits


Quality of Service (QOS)
- allocates different bandwidth for different applications according to individual branch offices

Cost Effectiveness
- links your branch offices together without building additional point-to-point leased lines

Guaranteed Bandwidth
- assures performance and reliability by supplying Committed Information Rate (CIR), based on your needs to support mission critical applications.

Secure Environment
- builds Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVC) between branches to protect the entire environment against outside intrusion

World Class Support
- provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitoring and unsurpassed technical support

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  Real Time Communications  


Simplified Phone Line Distribution
With IP PBX, a single set of solution is all a company needs for all your voice and data services. If your company has or is preparing to move in the coming 2 or 3 years, IP PBX allows you to relocate without much effort. It only requires T & T lines at one single location but if you have two lines at two locations, we can integrate them seamlessly too.

Simplified Management
Web interface allows users to modify settings and maintain the system easily. No technical knowledge is required. Even an administrative staff can handle it.
IP Phone, as an IP PBX terminal, is a mini-computer, which may provide various kinds of features in the future.

What is IP PBX?
IP PBX is an open standard PBX system over internet protocol (IP) network. It not only unites an organization's many locations - including mobile workers - into a single converged network, but also promises cost savings by combining voice and data in one single network that can be centrally maintained, as well as by eliminating toll expenses for calls between locations.

Features Comparison for IPPBX Vs Traditional PBX

Traditional PBX
Useful and User Friendly Application (e.g. UM, IM, Presence, etc)
Not Support
Basic Features like Call forward, Call hold, Call Transfer, Conference call, and etc.
Encrypted / Secure Voice
Not Support
Data Voice Convergence
Complicated, Hardware may be needed
Not Support
Scalability & Upgradeability
Relatively High
Relatively Low
Hardware Cost (Chassis, Components & Hand Sets)
Relatively High
Relatively Low
Installation Cost
Relatively Low
Relatively High
Operational Cost
Maintenance Cost
Total Cost of Ownership
Relatively Low
Relatively High
Video Conference

BRACNet's video conference solution is purely based on its IP VPN network providing a single point or multi-point video conference solution.
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  Dial-up Setup Information  
  Postpaid Account  
  Incoming Mail Server [POP3] :  
  Out Going Mail Server [SMTP] :  
  Proxy Server :  
  Port : 80  
  Prepaid Account  
  Incoming Mail Server [POP3] :  
  Out Going Mail Server [SMTP]  :  
  Proxy Server :  
  Port : 80  
  Hunting Number : 0101320  
  Email :  
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BRACNet e-Hut is a one-stop shop catering to different type of digital services in communities. A vast majority of e-Hut shops will be located in the underserved rural Bangladesh. e-Huts are franchisees of BRACNet and are owned and run by local entrepreneurs. BRACNet would work with prospective franchisees and financial institutions to facilitate small scale financing if the prospective franchisees require to start e-Hut in their communities.

Through e-Hut, BRACNet hopes to bring internet and data connectivities to the grassroots of Bangladesh.

Current services available at a BRACNet e-Hut:

Online Browsing
Basic Computer Training
Digital Photo

BRACNet e-Hut franchisees will also be encouraged to become BRACNet Partner in their respective communities to provide online connectivity.

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  Software & Web Development, Domain Registration & Web Hosting  

Software & Web Development

BRACNet is a IT solutions company with over many years experience and about 250+ employees.
We provide full-cycle services in the areas of software development, web-based enterprise solutions, web application and portal development. Combining our solid business domain experience, technical expertise, profound knowledge of latest industry trends and quality-driven delivery model we offer progressive end-to-end web solutions.
Custom web applications built according to client specific requirements, advanced web and enterprise portals using the full potential of the latest technologies, professional websites combining appealing design, rich functionality and robust management tools.
Scalable business solutions that help clients driving business value from technology investments and capitalize on increased sales opportunities, cost efficiencies, new revenue streams generation and enhanced communication with customers, partners, suppliers and employees.


Development tools:
Miscrosft.NET, ASP.NET, C#/C/C++, ASP, PHP, Access
DHTML, XML, VB Script, Java, JSP, Perl, WML,Ajax, RSS

Oracle, MS Access, SQL Server, MySQL

Unix/Linux, Windows NT/Windows 2000


Domain Registration

A domain name is your web address. A short, easy to remember domain name or names can be invaluable to the success of your website. If you need ideas about good domain names, need help or have questions, call at 01614169847.

Register your domain name now before someone else does. We offer reliable and secured domain name registration services with instant hosting setup.

Search Engine Friendly Web Hosting Solution -

Search Engine Friendly hosting

30 day Money Back Guarantee

USA based fastest servers

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Free SSL Secure Server

Instant Account Setup

At, we offer search engine friendly Web hosting services for our clients. Our state-of-the-art network and data center guarantees faster and more reliable service. And our commitment to adopting the best technologies available means that we'll continue to provide unbeatable speed and reliability.
Our Hosting packages are ideal for the growing online business. With plenty of storage, bandwidth and e-mail accounts, you'll have everything you need to keep your e-commerce site up and running smoothly!

High Bandwidth Connectivity and Redundant Connections allow us to guarantee 99.9% uptime on all sites. Our 30-day money back guarantee ensures you will be happy & Risk Free with your web hosting service.

We offers a full range of web hosting services Even if you registered your domain through another company, your site can still be hosted by us.

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